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History of the 1. Pułk Lotniczy.


From the beginning of the Unit we began systematically writing down its history. Here you will find a short brief just to get a picture of who we are. First, the 1. Eskadra Myśliwska has been founded on the 18th of August, 2001 as a small fighter unit, consisting of the elite Polish RB3D fighter pilots. The purpose was to conquer RB3D skies… We flew intensively, trained hard and outlived our Polish rival 2.PLM which had been disbanded somewhere between 2002 and 2003. As the 1.Esk we participated in some of the biggest tournaments in RB3D world – the Red Baron World League and the Warforces. It was where we found out how important bombing was to win such serious clashes. And so an idea arose. To establish our own twin squadron, solely for bombing purposes. On the 11th of February, 2004, the 2.Esk has been founded and as the result - the 1. Pułk Lotniczy has been established. Beginnings were hard because we really sucked as far as bombing was concerned. Our completely fresh volunteers had to learn things from scratch. But slowly it all went in the right direction. Towards Targetware… But before we said good bye to the RB3D community, we organized a couple of our own tournaments, called WOP1920, where we saw participants from such squadrons like RAF209 or SPA124. The French helped us a lot organisation-wise.

Then we moved on the aforementioned Targetware – a flight sim environment, which was at that time free to use and allowed players to create complete mods. In the year 2005 the ESzk has been founded. During the 2006-2009 we played Richthofen’s Skies mod and developed two mods of our own – War Over Poland 1920 and War Over Poland 1939. We spent countless days and nights creating 3D, 2D, FM, DM… In the meantime the 2.Esk unfolded its wings bombing-wise as the guys improved their techniques and our ranks gradually grew up.

In the year 2009 we slowly started switching over to the Rise of Flight as the Targetware was a dead-end. In the Targetware we did everything we wanted until we hit the ceiling - its limitations. The RoF was a completely new dimension and immersion. Some of the guys were reluctant, possessing rather weak rigs but, step by step, we made it through however loosing some individuals... The Targetware as we knew had been shut down anyway, so there was no turning back and no regrets.

Well, what can I say after ten years of pushing the wagon? Nowadays it seems to be a prime time for us. But hopefully we can still go further. Finally we got the WWI flight sim we always desired to have. RB3D was a blast but while playing it I always wished I had something like the “Rise of Flight” is now. J


Ppłk pil. Sander

Commanding Officer