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Character of the Unit (disclaimer).

The Regiment is a virtual aerial unit, the members of which are passionate about the history of aviation and the flight simulators. We shall not be connected with any ideology. The basis of our activity is fun and pleasure of gaming and the possibility to meet interesting people, not only in Poland itself but worldwide.

1. Pułk Lotniczy is not, in that case, any attempt to emulate any historical unit (including the 1. Pułk Lotniczy existing in Poland during the 1921-1939 period). Either naming or numbering are completely fictional and solely convergent with the aforementioned historical unit. Our paint schemes do not refer to any aerial units existing in Poland. Only the tactical Polish markings on our aircrafts define nationality of the Regiment.



The Regiment consists of three squadrons – two of which are strictly combat squadrons and one is a combat-training squadron. These are as follows: 1. Eskadra Myśliwska [1st Fighter Squadron], 2. Eskadra Wywiadowcza [2nd Reconnaissance Squadron] and Eskadra Szkolna „Flajkoty” [Training Squadron “Flycats”]

The 1. Eskadra Myśliwska is a unit the aim of which is to destroy enemy and escort friendly aircrafts. The 2. Eskadra Wywiadowcza specializes in destruction of ground targets and performing reconnaissance. The Eskadra Szkolna is an auxiliary unit to both of the aforementioned and its personnel is being trained according to the chosen speciality of each member.
In the virtual sky of „Rise of Flight” the identity of members of the Regiment is coded with a login in the following format: „1PL-[nickname]-[squadron]”. Members of specified squdrons use the following tags accordingly: „1Esk”, „2Esk” or „ESzk”. The „ESzk” tag is in use of either members of the Permanent Personnel (instructors) or the Temporal Personnel (trainees) of the Eskadra Szkolna. Apart from that, „Rekr” tag is used by recruits.



The Regiment has not found his patron yet, however both the Regiment itself and the squadrons possess their own emblems.


1. Pułk Lotniczy, formed on the 11th of February, 2004.                                                     

The chessboard on the background composed of crossed sabres and hussar wings. The author of the emblem: Goose                                  



1. Eskadra Myśliwska, formed on the 18th of August, 2001.

The emblem of 1.Esk is lion beholding a “łękawica” – it is a part of Polish noble emblem “Awdaniec”. The initial author of the emblem is Sander. The current version has been created by Rahonavis.


2. Eskadra Wywiadowcza, formed on the 11th of February, 2004.

The emblem of 2.Esk is Polish noble emblem “Lis” ("Fox"). The initial authors of the emblem were Sander and Lucas. The current version has been created by Rahonavis.


Eskadra Szkolna, formed in 2005.

The emblem of ESzk is a winged cat, derived from the nickname of one of the members – Flycat, who once happened to be on duty as trainer of new members of the Regiment.


*  *  *


The paint schemes of the Regiment aircrafts consist of three main colours. The basic are two shades of grey, which cover the wings and 2/3 of the fuselage. The tail is painted olive-green, so called "Polish khaki". There is an exception to that scheme – British aircrafts possess darker camo consisting of grey and green-grey. German aircrafts possess darker camo, while French - brighter.
Aircrafts of the 2. Eskadra Wywiadowcza possess red painted engine covers and wingtips.
Aircrafts of the Eskadra Szkolna are painted olive-green and possess white fin and elevator together with azure bottom.
Some of the aircrafts possess paint schemes for leader – a pilot acting as the leader at a given moment. These aircrafts possess standard paint schemes of the 1. Eskadra Myśliwska, with added mark for quick recognition on top of the upper wing in the form of a white arrow, similar to the one used on PZL P.11c aircrafts serving in the Border Guard Corpse in the thirties of the XXth century.




                 SPAD 13.C1, 1.Eskadra Myśliwska, Leader            SPAD 13.C1, 1.Eskadra Myśliwska

                  SPAD 13.C1, 2.Eskadra Wywiadowcza                  SPAD 13.C1, Eskadra Szkolna

*  *  *